Nov 13, 2018

Central California Nikkei Foundation receives grant for expanding the utilization of the Nikkei Center

ja-community-foundation-Central California Nikkei Foundation

At present, the Nikkei Center is mainly used to provide senior lunches for the seniors of Fresno and the surrounding rural areas that still reside in their homes and/or other settings. The seniors are transported to the Nikkei Center where they are joined by others that drive in on their own; as well as residents of Vintage Gardens for lunch and activities. Their outreach efforts have proven that there are a lot of Nikkei seniors in the community that can benefit from their programs and activities. Expanding the utilization of the Nikkei Center to include training seminars and other informational workshops, will improve their well being and also help to connect the younger seniors with the older generation, such as the residents of Vintage Gardens. The residents benefit by not feeling so isolated from the younger generation. You can find more information about Central California Nikkei Foundation.