Nov 13, 2018

East San Gabriel Valley Japanese Community Center (ESGVJCC) receives grant for assisting to expand their existing senior programming.


Our grant to ESGVJCC will help to expand their existing senior programming in order to continue providing services for the aging population of Japanese American and Japanese older adults and their families.

Their current senior programs are designed specifically to meet the growing needs of the seniors ages 65 and older that attend their community center. Their senior program was first formed in 1983. In addition to their weekly activities, the group took trips all over Southern California, visiting historic landmarks, annual festivals, and other places of interest. Over the years this same group of older adults that were once in their 60s at the start of the program, are now in their mid-80s and early 90s. Included in the expansion of their senior programs was the implementation of a computer lab in 2009 that was established specifically to teach older adults different technologies such as computer programs, software, and how to use the internet.

You can find more information about East San Gabriel Valley Japanese Community Center.