Nov 13, 2018

J-Sei, Inc. receives grant for the wellness education classes and event


Our grant to J-Sei, Inc. will help to support their existing wellness education classes and event during the next two years. J-Sei recently undertook a five-year strategic planning process. J-Sei is very excited to partner with the JA Community Foundation to implement two expanded senior service programs that strengthen the quality and depth of the agency’s offerings. During the next two years, J-Sei intends to continue existing wellness education classes and event and to: 1) implement evidenced based senior wellness programs; and 2) develop additional caregiver support. J-Sei already provides evidence based Tai Chi for Arthritis class and expects to deliver additional courses in Chronic Pain Self-Management, Diabetes Care Self-Management and Chronic Disease Self-Management. In collaboration with the JA Community Foundation, these highly effective classes are a tremendous enhancement to J-Sei services. These superior trainings are expensive to hold as very few certified instructors are available, thus making the programs hard to access. You can find more information about J-Sei, Inc.