Sep 28, 2016

J-Sei Senior Service Expansion


We are pleased to announce our support of J-Sei in our first round of grants awarded this Fall, 2016. Our multi-year grant will enable J-Sei to expand their services and reach more seniors with home delivered and congregate lunches, a new enhanced education program, and more senior classes and activities, along with an increase in other vital J-Sei service areas.

The mission of J-Sei is to be a community and cultural organization that brings generations and families together to nurture and pass on Nikkei values and tradition through a broad array of services and programs. Their guiding values include dignity, trust, independence, social connection and respect for elders, as well as communication in families and quality of life for all.

J-Sei is the only senior service organization that is targeted to supporting Japanese American older adults and their families living in the San Francisco East Bay. Alameda County residents represent 75% of their clients with 23% from Contra Costa County. The remaining 2% are individuals that live in Solano County. J-Sei services are open to all and no one is excluded due to ethnicity or income.

With our support J-Sei will implement a new enhanced education program that broadens the life-long learning opportunities for seniors. Classes will focus on health, social connection, cultural continuation and improved health outcomes. They will also increase delivery of their home delivered meals. Over 10,000 meals per year are currently served, and J-Sei will expand to 12,000. The program currently runs Monday to Thursday, and J-Sei will add Fridays so that nutritious Japanese meals can be provided to seniors five days a week.

To learn more about J-Sei and their quality care services for seniors click here.