Apr 20, 2018

Kay Sekimachi: Master Weaver Innovations in Forms and Materials

Our grant will support the Fresno Art Museum’s exhibition of Kay Sekimachi’s Innovations in Forms and Materials. Sekimachi is a pioneer in the fiber art movement, known for her innovative techniques, her work draws themes from the natural world, her travels, and her Japanese heritage. The exhibition comes at a time when Kay’s work has been experiencing a resurgence of interest within the art community. Some of the earliest artworks to be exhibited were created by the artist during the time of her internment and have never before been exhibited.

Since the spring of 1988, the Fresno Art Museum has honored internationally recognized artists with the annual Distinguished Woman Artist Award and Exhibition. The museum welcomes, inspires, and educates a diverse regional audience through significant exhibitions, thought-provoking programs, and meaningful interactions with artists and the creative process.

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