May 28, 2020

LTSC Community Development Corporation received the grant for Senior Services Case Management Software Project

LTSC will implement new case management software to track and coordinate services to its senior clients. LTSC will hire a consultant to help choose a software program, purchase and customize the software, implement it and train staff on how to use it. LTSC’s current client database has limited capabilities, cannot generate reports and can only be accessed at the main LTSC office because it is server-based. Due to these limitations, LTSC documents most client information on spreadsheets and in paper files. The current system is inefficient, incomplete and not meeting our needs. A new software system will improve service delivery by improving intake protocols and ensuring no clients fall through the cracks by alerting social workers to clients who need follow-up services. It will also increase staff’s efficiency by allowing them to spend more time with clients and less time on paperwork. In addition, the social workers will be able to access their client’s information while in the field, which is currently not possible. Client assessments that occur over the telephone will be more complete which will ensure client needs are being met. Reporting features will allow LTSC to capture demographic data and see trends in service needs allowing LTSC to re-allocate services based on the data collected. This data will also help LTSC with future funding applications, as we will be able to demonstrate need with current data and show success with tracked outcomes.

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Photo: Courtesy of LTSC