May 28, 2020

San Diego Chapter JACL received the Grant for their project “LEAGUE OF DREAMS”

Their groundbreaking, educational documentary film project, LEAGUE OFDREAMS, will reach a majority of the 100 plus chapters of the JACL across the U.S. Mr. Nishikawa has creating a network of 25-30 cities, where organizations have held public screening events of his past work. A majority of the cities are up and down the West Coast, from Seattle to San Diego, where there are significant Japanese American communities, but they will also focus our efforts in the Mid-West, East Coast and down south. They will add JACL chapters in the smaller cities, such as Idaho Falls or Seabrook, New Jersey. Their goal is for organizations and JACL chapters to use the events for fundraising, education for youth and networking to a larger audience base and attract other communities, so they will learn about the Japanese American experience during World War II, Japanese American’s legacy in America, and the impact that the JACL had over each decade.

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Photo: Courtesy of San Diego Chapter of JACL